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Reach your customers anytime, anywhere, and empower your team to manage communication flows in one platform

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Manage all communication channels in one place

An ever-growing range of products, popular integrations, and convenient solution implementation tailored to your business needs

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Beneficial for everyone

Octella wants to change the principles of operation of the classic call center. Our solutions make processes understandable not only to technical people but to everyone- regardless of whether they are marketing, sales, or other field specialists

Streamlining processes

We offer the best solutions to achieve your business goals, which not only allow you to achieve the desired metrics and financial results but also provide insights on how to optimize the call center and its workflow processes

Easy to use

Octella's developed system is understandable and easy to use, whether in small call centers with a few operators or in call centers with thousands of operators

25 years
25 years experience in telecommunications field
6 continents
Connectivity with operators across 6 continents
On average, 25% higher answer rate
30 minutes
Required setup and deployment time
Integrations with CRM


We have taken care of that

The security of our clients and systems is one of the most important prerequisites to which we pay special attention and delve into. This includes certifications, GDPR compliance, as well as specific client requirements and business domain needs.

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